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Thanks for an awesome API - Anmol, January 2017

Thanks for your support and your great service - Antonio, January 2017

Excellent! Thank you for the very quick response! - Rodriguez, January 2017

I truly appreciated the work you put on this service, and the face that it's free makes it very useful for developers like myself! - Ahmed, January 2017

Yours is the best HTML —> PDF converter I’ve discovered so far! - Ananda, January 2017

The service is working great! - Scott, January 2017

Thanks, looks like a great product and exactly what I'm looking for. Price point is awesome as well - Scott, January 2017

Can't thank you enough for the API. Super easy to use, and a total lifesaver for a quick feature addition this afternoon vs the headache of trying to do this myself - Will, January 2017

Thank you for your service, it is really helpful - Alessandro, January 2017

Thanks for the quick turnaround! - Khamsouk, January 2017

Good to hear from someone who gives a **** [ed goes on about compeditors] Phil, January 2017

Thank you for your great API :) ! - Cedric, January 2017

Keep up with your lovely service. Thanx - Sotirios, December 2016

Great product! - Matthew, December 2016

Thanks for your service and support - Dennis, December 2016

Very happy with the service - Taylor, December 2016

Just wanted to say thank you for your responses to my questions. Much appreciated! - Rob, December 2016

It's done its job brilliantly - Owen, December 2016

Thank you for your good service! - Silvan, December 2016

Thanks for your PDF service! - Jonty, December 2016

Thank you very much, you are the best - Dennis, December 2016

We have gone through with implementing your service. It’s fantastic for our needs - Shawn, December 2016

Your service has been solid for us and we are continually happy with it - Jared, December 2016

Excellent Tool with Excellent Support! - Prathik, November 2016

Thanks so much for the service. Amazing!! - Andrei, November 2016

Great API you have ;) - Good job must be recognized :) - João, November 2016

Awesome - Mike, November 2016

BTW, the service has been performing great! - Joe, November 2016

Overall is a good service - Luca, November 2016

We prefer your service - Kent, November 2016

Appreciate your support - Mary, November 2016

Thanx again for having this great API - Gijsbert, November 2016

I very much like the service. Thank you! - Daniel, October 2016

Awesome - Mike, October 2016

Glad to have found your service - Morgan, October 2016

Thanks and this is a great work, your solution is the perfect fit - Derya, October 2016

Thank you so much, really appreciate your help. - Tanmaya, October 2016

I am seriously impressed with the service. It took a matter of minutes to integrate it into my Azure based web application. I had tried another html to pdf converter which didn’t openly state that printing on Azure didn’t work unless you created your own VM/Web Service - a fact I realised only after deploying. So your service really dug me out of a hole - Danny, October 2016

Everything works like a charm! Thank you for creating a service that is easy to use and provide good error information - Sten, September 2016

Wonderful product, our tests show that it converts very well and quickly - Michael, September 2016

Your online PDF conversion service is fantastic! The API integration is quite simple and have had limited HTML formatting issues and the PDFs always come in perfect. Great service! - Huzza, September 2016

Our initial tests and basic integration were successful. The service is really easy to set up and "just works" :-) - Tom, September 2016

Thank u sir ur pdf converting app is nice and the code u provide as examples r also very nice! - Tarun, September 2016

It was super easy. Within a few minutes, I had converted an HTML string to a PDF - Mike, September 2016

Thanks a lot, much much! - Fabio, September 2016

Thank you for your immediate reply.. my customer will be very happy :-) - Silvan, August 2016

This is a fantastic service! Thank you very much for putting it together! - John, August 2016

Love your product! - Nick, August 2016

I think it is a wonderful service. I will purchase a plan - Tommy, August 2016

Works perfectly for me - Nicholas, August 2016

I'm really loving your API, it very simple & fast is compare to others! - Vijay, August 2016

Your product is working nicely in Azure so far and I am very pleased with it - Simon, August 2016

We've been testing your service and are really happy with it. You guys have done a great job with it. - Troy, August 2016

It works great for me, thank you! - Eric, August 2016

Thanks for your help - and sorry I took so much of your time! - Craig, August 2016

I appreciate the help and I just wanna say that you're service is great and I plan to continue using it on other projects that need HTML to PDF generation - Matt, August 2016

The service seems fast and affordable, thanks! - Adrian, August 2016

Thanks for the wonderful utility. It worked like a charm. Kudos for such great work - Mayur, August 2016

Your service does what I want at a good price - Rob, August 2016

Love it! - Christian, July 2016

Congratulations for the service and the excellent customer support :) - Eduard, July 2016

Thanks for all the services and wonderful API you have developed - Rahul, July 2016

Congratulations on a terrific product - John, July 2016

Many thanks for your valuable help and support ! - Phillipe, July 2016

Liking the quality of your service very much - Huub, July 2016

We love the simplicity of how html2pdfrocket works, and thanks making this upgrade for us here, you are awesome! - Daniel, June 2016

Your service works like a charm! - Silvio, June 2016

Excellent product by the way, you saved me an incredible amount of time! - Pieter, June 2016

Great service, so much easier to create my own C# class than expected. Will integrate this in our commercial solution with paid credits - Kim, June 2016

We are using the crap out of your tool :) - Steve, June 2016

It works steady for far and fast to, well done - Colin, June 2016

Thank you for your help! :) - Jorge, June 2016

I've been enjoying the service so far! - Chris, June 2016

My team registered a test account today and within a couple hours we were converting html strings into PDF doc. Great product. Well done - Joe, May 2016

Great product, kept me from wasting hours building my own to get around Azure sandbox limitations - Matt, May 2016

Fast and responsive technical support made setup easy, thanks! - Nayshil, May 2016

Thank you for your excellent work during these months - Ivan, May 2016

I found your API incredibly easy to use and it produced much better PDFs that any of the alternatives that I tried. Assuming everything continues to work this well I intend to recommend html2pdfrocket for all future projects where we need PDFs generated - Bary, May 2016

I am getting a very good output ...thanks for the tools! - Karmakar, May 2016

It's working good for me! - Alan, May 2016

It has been a wonderful and easy to use experience. Thanks for launching an efficient and user friendly product - Namitha, May 2016

Thank you vary much! - Ashdora, May 2016

Love it! It works great! - James, May 2016

The initial tests have gone really well. I’ll be using the service for a few clients from now on - George, May 2016

Thank you very much! - Craig, May 2016

It works nice!!!! - Srivathsan, May 2016

I really like your product! - Brad, May 2016

First of all: Great service!!! I'm setting up an invoice creation platform, and will be integrating your service. I'm hoping to become a big customer soon :) - Kevin, May 2016

The job you made with your API is amazing! - Divino, May 2016

Excellent API and simple in use. thanks - Hamid, May 2016

Simple to use, and the conversion is fast and reliable - Goncalo, Apr 2016

Fantastic stuff, love the nice and easy to read and follow documentaiton. Thank you so much for providing a great API for free :) - Matt, Apr 2016

I'm integrating PDF functionality into our web app (out entire stack is Linux based), and came across your platform. It's fantastic and thanks for providing such a great service - Jason, Apr 2016

Your on-line application answer perfectly to my needs! - Jean-Philippe, Apr 2016

I've developed a solution using your great service! - Kamal, Apr 2016

Thanks - Jeff, Apr 2016

It has been really useful to me - Ariel, Mar 2016

A great product :D - Peter, Mar 2016

Thank you so much! It is a great API! - Tiago, Mar 2016

Thanks for the good product - Walker, Mar 2016

Good simple service, easy to set up, saved a lot of time - Giles, Mar 2016

I'm so excited to begin using your service. You've saved us! - Kamai, Mar 2016

This service is absolutely great. Single most important reason for us to subscribe (besides the ease of setup and use) to your service has been the rendering of various fonts. On our site we have around 10 Indian languages and their corresponding fonts are not easy to render in pdf. Your service does a great job. Thank you for that and also for taking care of account setup - Jai, Mar 2016

Great API! Thank you! - Владимир, Feb 2016

It's great service. Tomorrow I'll present to client and upon approval will sign for a paid plan - Peter, Feb 2016

Hey Ewart thanks for you great help really appreciate your idea.. :) You are a life saver! - Syed, Feb 2016

Amazing, thank you so much Ewart, really appreciate all your helps and speedy responses :) - Aida, Feb 2016

Thank you and congratulations on an excellent service! - Akseli, Feb 2016

Thanks! - 최민국, Feb 2016

Thanks for that Ewart [some customer service], and thanks for a great product - Boris, Feb 2016

Thanks :) - Richard, Feb 2016

Great work! - Pat, Feb 2016

Thanks Ewart. Big hug from Argentina!Gastón, Feb 2016

Thanks for a great service - Jeff, Jan 2016

Worked great! Thanks for your help - Matt, Jan 2016

Good tool - Gwen, Jan 2016

Great service! - Nathan, Jan 2016

I wanted to compliment the great work you are doing on your site! Kris, Jan 2016

This service was a great benefit to me when an auto PDF generation task was added last-minute to a website job. It saved me a lot of development hours and the customer service has been very responsive to my questions - Jonathan, Jan 2016

Stupid easy to use and fast, keep up the great work! - Jeff, Jan 2016

Thank you for the great service you're offering - Jeremy, Jan 2016

Excellent job with the service by the way, works really well compared to others - Keith, Jan 2016

Great plugin for download dynamic pdf! - Alessandro, Jan 2016

I'm testing out your api and so far i'm loving what i'm seeing - Josh, Jan 2016

I JUST LOVED IT :) - Pradipta, Dec 2015

Thanks again for all your help - Joseph, Dec 2015

Awesome man. Great service you bring to the azure users :D - Santiago, Dec 2015

Thank you so much for your product. We are using it in our app and it is running really well! - Barbara, Dec 2015

Thank you for your support throughout the event - Anand, Dec 2015

Really great service you guys have built - Sjoerd, Dec 2015

HTML 2 PDF Rocket integrates flawlessly with the OpNotes.co.uk service for surgeons to quickly and securely produce high quality operation notes. The sensitive nature of these documents makes encryption essential and HTML 2 PDF Rocket takes care of that whilst also providing quick results from a very easy to use API. HTML 2 PDF Rocket provides the backbone of our service and so making the right choice was essential, and they haven't disappointed! - Amit, Dec 2015

Wow... great ! Thanks for your support and dedication - it works like a charm! - Alvaro, Nov 2015

This service is wonderful. Originally attempted to do it ourselves using wkhtmltopdf and had a working implementation on appharbor (our staging environment) but once we moved to production (azure websites) we got bit by the fact we cannot start executables. Fortunately, we were able to switch to using your service in < 10 minutes - Darren

It's perfect and unbelievably good! - Brutsky

The best free way to generate PDF files from HTML on Azure! - Vincent

I've tried to make html to pdf conversion work on azure for two days and failed, but with this service it was a matter of a an hour or less and now it works flawlessly. Thank you for offering such an important functionality for free! - Robert

The service works great and was simple to implement using php and curl - Dan

Excellent, working well and easy to use! Thank you - Anthony

While I was breaking my brain in thinking what option was best, I decided to do one more google search, and then I found this site. I implemented it in a few minutes, and then Jesus came down from heaven and sang halleluja for me. Seriously, this really made my day :) thanks a great deal and keep up the good work.Kaz

HTML2PDF Rocket saved me possibly days or weeks of development with a simple API that just works. Thank you! - Eran

This is an AWESOME service - Geoff

I'm using the Service with 4 converts a month for a non-commercial-project, you still saved me a lot of time implementing this myselve within Azure. Just to let you know you did a great thing there. - Jens

I love the service! - Timothy

Again, my gratitude for this API of yours! We have used a very similar tool like this before, but has its limitations when the HTML has lots of images. Very happy here. - Nichol

Thanks a lot for your continuous support - Xavier

As an experienced developer, i can tell you that i chose your service because i thought it was the best developer-to-developer service, i.e. pragmatic for the developer. Keep up the good work - Michael

Your service looks awesome - Eric

It's an excellent way of achieving this on an Azure hosted site and could have saved me a lot of time if I'd found it sooner! - David

I would like to thank you for providing an easy-to-set-up, excellent PDF generator api! :-) - Tormod

Thanks so much for your help, we've got it doing what we wanted, all seems to be working perfectly :) - Brett

Just wanted to say thanks so much for providing this service. - Ben

After MUCH pain and anguish trying to render SSRS reports in Azure, glad I found your service. Thinking we are going to convert our few reports to HTML/CSS and route them thru HTML2PDFRocket instead. Way Way easier! - Chris

I love your service, and now i'm interested in your API, what is the price if I want to use it in my own server? keep the good vibe! - Christian

Thanks for your amazing work with html2pdfrocket! - Moritz

Loving the personal help and assistance - Jarrod

Thank you so much for your very fast replay and help - Michael

That's fantastic! - Chris

We are all paid up, and happy to be on board! Thanks for the great service! - Ronan

Thanks! [your email responses are] Almost as quick reply as your service :) - Johan

I've tried a few conversions and they look great! - Owen

It works you're the man!!! Thank you once more for your help - Marko

Thank you so much. Everything works like a charm. Thanks again - Prabu

Thanks a ton. HTML2PDF Rocket is awesome :) - Dustin

Thanks your component seems to be the best for pdf creation - Roy

We have been using your service for awhile and it has been excellent - Rob

Easy implementation and great results !! - Peter

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